Eat & Drink NYC: A Map

"Cartophilia, the love of maps, is a love at first sight. It must be predestined, written somewhere in the chromosomes." -Ken Jennings, Maphead

God, Ken Jennings, you just GET me. I've always loved maps since I was little, scouring through home atlases and helping my dad plan our family road trips. But recently, since picking up Maphead, a wonderful, nerdy social study on maps and the people who love them, I've starting thinking about them more and how they help us organize information.

My husband Brian & I had an idea a while ago to keep a log of our favorite places in New York to eat and drink, so that when our friends inevitably asked us on a whim for the best brunch in Harlem (Melba's) or a rooftop bar that wouldn't have midtown crowds on a Saturday night (Hudson Common), we'd be able to whip out our best options in under a minute. Impressive, right? New York City is just gigantic — its food and drink options are prolific — but we're working our way through. And a map seemed like the best possible way to organize this information.

So, using Google MyMaps, I began soul searching and giggling and reminiscing and plotting my way through every restaurant, bar, club and boozy brunch that I would faithfully recommend to a friend. I've left little notes for myself (and others who may happen upon this map) like — Get to Brandy's early if you want the best corner booth. Order the cosmo from the bartender — he'll make "too much" and then pour you the rest in his shaker after you take a couple sips. The night will end in a sing-a-long with the entire bar. "No, no," Brian corrects me. "It will end at McDonald's." He's right.

It's a fun, ongoing project that I hope Ken Jennings would approve of. It's lacking a proper key at the moment, but I'd eventually like to categorize food options by cuisine. Enjoy! And feel free to make your own submissions in the comments.